Breaking into the Huge Japanese Market

Business Translation, Documentation, Communication, Web Site, Market Research

You want to break into the huge Japanese market, BUT...

  1. Japanese is difficult
  2. You don't know how to create a website that speaks to Japanese people
  3. You don't know how to communicate with Japanese clients

No Problem! With IA Planning

  1. Just enter a few simple details such as your business name and product information in English
  2. Your Japanese website will be generated and launched
  3. Monthly updates mean you can relax
  4. Correspondence translation services
  5. Support breaking into the Japanese market (additional options).
Professional Translation Service over 14 years Business Field: Contracts, Working Regulations, Catalog, Sales Tools, Meeting Minutes, Mail, and other various documents
Technical Field: Machine/Electric Engineering, Semiconductor, Biotechnology, Chemical and others
High Quality Design
over 14 years
Multi-Lingual: Home Page, Catalog, Advertising, Logo and others
Documents Multi-Lingual: Operation Manual, Technical Documents, Presentation Tool, Company Brochure, Web, Name Card and others
Languages Japanese, English, French, German, Hindi, Chinese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian and others

The Japanese Market

In 2010, the Japanese economy was the third largest in the world behind the U.S. and China in nominal GDP conversion [12]. Likewise, Japan was the third largest in the same lineup for PPP conversion [2]. (Source: Wikipedia)

Japanese Web Site

The Japanese market is huge. But without a Japanese website, those business opportunities will pass you by. If you are planning to go into business in Japan, the first step is to build a Japanese website.

Creation of Japanese-language leaflets and catalogs

If your company does not have company brochure, technical materials and products specification sheet in local language, customers will not correctly understand your company and products. On the other hand, if your company provides these materials in the local language, it will bring great effect on your sales.

Marketing Research Program (Optional)

We will research and report on the state of the product you want to survey in the Japanese market.
- Market Share of Competitor Manufacturers
- Yearly Sales
- Product Trends

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